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epikworks is a design studio based in İstanbul, working on yacht design,

yacht interiors, interior design and design consultancy.



about us.

epikworks was established as a collective design studio in İstanbul by interior designer Dilan Epik and industrial & yacht designer Göktürk Topuz.​

 Dilan Epik worked on interior design of motor yachts between 24-65 meters, interior styling consultancy for motor yachts/sailboats, as land-based projects many restaurants, office, houses and some of the most important mansions of Istanbul / Bosphorus.​

 Göktürk Topuz worked on exterior and interior design of motor yachts & sailboats between 10-65 meters. He managed to team up specialists for a variety of marine projects ranging from serial production boats to custom build luxury yachts.​

They brought together their experience and profession on motor yachts / sailboats design and land-based interior design.  

 “As epikworks, we enjoy discovering each new project's aesthetic and functional needs, blending our perception of design with the taste of the customer. 

Diversity in our portfolio so far makes us effective to work in different styles that gives enthusiasm to us as designers and comfort for our customers.” 

Göktürk Topuz

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2008 senesinde ODTÜ Endüstriyel Tasarım Bölümü'nden, yine aynı sene içerisinde Poliba İtalya'dan mezun olmuştur.

what we did ?

check the projects we had been involved long before epikworks

Graduated from the department of Interior Architecture at Yeditepe University, in 2007 and studied Industrial Design at Poliba/Italy, in 2008 

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Dilan Epik



conceptual design

“Loose sketches, vr sketches, general arrangements, moodboards, volumetric 3d modelling with renderings and illustrations”

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